Nick Hayman

Project Duration
24 Months

‘Behind The Garden Gate’ is a documentary film about the highs and lows of home grown biodiversity. In the 1970s Guus Lieberwerth cleared a patch of agricultural wasteland in order to take care of rare and endangered plants and animals.
Now, 50 years later nature is thriving in a hidden urban paradise, but closer to systemic pressures and land developers.

Live Performance
Project Duration
6 Months

Blackbird – Rebirth‘ is a poetic and visual performance about loss, being left behind and starting over. Created following the murder of actress Linda Olthof and her six-year-old son Jimmy in 2018 in New York, the performance shows not only the mourners, but also the dead trying to find a way to let go.

Short Documentary
Project Duration
2 Months
Martin Harley – Roll With The Punches‘ is a folk-blues album written and recorded by Martin Harley. This short film is a behind the scenes look at the recording process, with interviews with Martin, his musicians and producer. Shot on location in Camarthenshire, Wales in the summer of 2020.


Andrew Combs – Hazel
Banner. – All is At Ease
Banner. – Who Knew
Charlie Whitten – Another Plan
Con Brio – Body Language
Emil Landman – Falling
Emily Wolfe – Atta Blues
Garrett Kato – Take It Slowly
Gildor – Thinking Back
Gildor – Edge of the World
Graeme James – Night Train
Gregory Ackerman – Ten Little Indians and Then There Were None
Gregory Page – A Wild Rose
Gregory Page – Loves Stronger Than Hatred
The Inspector Cluzo – Little Girl
Irrelephant – Ghost
Irrelephant – It Ain’t True (Like Death)
Irrelephant – Open Cage
Irrelephant – Storm Coming
Joanna Weston – Inside Out
Judy Blank – 1995
Judy Blank – The Angel In Me
Judy Blank – Mary Jane
Martin Harley – Brother
Martin Harley – One For The Road
Martin Harley – Roll With The Punches
Michelle David – Taking It Back
Nathaniel Rateliff – And It’s Still Alright
Passenger – Why Can’t I Change
Pierce Brothers – Back End Roads
Thomas Oliver – If I Move To Mars
Sol Heilo – London is Trouble
SYML – Ghosts